The range of PCB products has been developed to provide the best price/performance ratio and to cater to the demands of the majority of customers. The production utilizes a range of world competitive raw materials and cost effective processes to give customers a large variety of options while maintaining a high level of quality and tolerance control, all at world competitive prices.

FR4 1.60mm - 8 layer - 1oz

TG170 - Enig

Impedance control

Application Medical


Utilization of the very best of materials, machinery and quality control not only enables the manufacture of more reliable products, but also a wider range of capabilities.




The Al PCB section is a production department  for specialized metal laminate products. These products have passed UL certificate and are in accordance with IPC inspection standards.

They are extensively applied and used for ordinary LED light boards to sophisticated and industrially precise accessories, such as lights, third stop-lights, headlamps, fuse holders control units, air conditioning management.


AL 1.6mm - 1 layer - 2oz - 2w/mk - HAL LF

This range of PCB products has been developed to cater to high end PCB requirements, where product performance conformity and reliability are paramount and integral to the final application of the product. These PCBs are manufactured using the best of raw materials and state of the art machinery and equipment. Extensive inspection and quality control go hand in hand with this category.


         FR4 1.20mm - 10 layer - Hoz

          TG150- Blind /burried via hole

Enig - beveling

Application Computer



We achieve the highest quality levels by utilizing the latest equipment, processes, and quality standards throughout our organization. Our facilities are ISO 9001, TS 16949, ISO 14001 and UL certified.


We have instituted a problem prevention methodology which allows us to flawlessly launch and sustain your project: Rigorous auditing and continuous training of personnel at all levels; Engineering change system to prevent-quality issues related to design changes; Document control center to safeguard your data and release of technical documents; Corrective action system, based on the 8D approach.


We invest our time, knowledge and capital to create an optimal solution to meet your requirements and keep you ahead of your competitors. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible products with the lowest total cost of ownership available. For more information, contact us today.


List of Quality Certificates

Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2008

ISO/TS 16949:2009

OHSAS 18001

ISO 14001:2004


We offer PCB with Lead Free, RoHS Compliance, REACH Compliance, PFOS Compliance

Rigid/Flex pcb

Rigid: FR-4, 4 layer, thickness 1.6mm

Flex: Polyimide, double sided, thickness: 2 mil
Immersion Gold
Application Automotive
FR4 + Rogers

12 layer - 1.57mm - Hoz  - TG 180

Blind via hole - Enig

Application Comunication Network


6 layer - 1.60mm - 3oz  - TG 150

Immersion Tin

Application Consumer

Flex pcb

Layers: SSB                  

Min. Width: 0.152mm, Min. Space: 0.166mm

Immersion Nickel/Gold

Application: Digital Camera

FR4 + Getek

2 layer - 2.00mm - 1oz

Immersion Silver

Application Telecom


8 layer - 1.60mm - 1oz  - TG 150

Impedance control - Enig

Application Computer


4 layer - 1.60mm - 2oz  - TG 150

Immersion Silver

Application Telecomunication


14 layer - 1.60mm - 1oz  - TG 170


Application Mobile


2 layer - 1.60mm - 1oz


Application Automotive